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The Beginning of Heaven. Imagine, No More Tears, No More Anxiety. Touch Heaven Today!

The Beginning of Heaven. Imagine, No More Tears, No More Anxiety. Touch Heaven Today!

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The Beginning of Heaven: 
Based on an amazing true story! 

Shelene's amazing story of her trip to HEAVEN AND BACK!
In Heaven, she has n
o more tears, no anxiety,
 a thousand angel hands, the beautiful meadow, 
helping you to learn how to win the battle, the perfect peaceful light! Take an hour for yourself and listen to this inspiring book, these next 60 minutes will fly by and your spirit will soar!  Take a moment and let Shelene take you to The Beginning of Heaven! 
One of the most inspirational ebooks of the year!


This book was ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING! SO INSPIRATIONAL! People want to hear anyone's experience of crossing over and what it was like, and you described it! The "Heaven Feeling"...the visual was so GOOD!!!! I really Liked it! I feel others are going to LOVE it too!! The way you painted the visual on audio was Brilliant!! The way you mixed your visual words with your husband's amazing music was so perfect! From Mia S., Iowa.

The way U explained touching Heaven...was Beautiful! I can and my hubby at that moment! The Peace U experienced...I want that! NO MORE TEARS...I WANT THAT TOO! Thank you for sharing your courageous story!! U did a great Job!! I loved the music too, so perfect! 

From Susie M., Tennessee.

Beautiful book. My heart opened up and my mind was enveloped by this amazing piece of literature. This book MUST be made into a major motion picture. If you want to be touched deeply, this book is an ABSOLUTE listen! From Kurt H., Southern Ca.

OH MY GOSH!!!! That was AMAZING!!!!! I Loved It!! I laughed, I cried, I am INSPIRED and ENCOURAGED! I am buying this book for my friends so they can touch Heaven too!!! This is BIG! Thank you! 
From Sylvia W., California. 

AMAZING Job! I LOVED It! I felt a little less pain for a spell after I listened! This is a true miracle! Thank you for this amazing picture of Heaven! From Chris T., Oklahoma.

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Thank you so much for sharing The Beginning of Heaven!
We are so humbly honored for this loving response around the world! 50% the proceeds from this book are donated to WWW.GROUPBSTREPINTERNATIONAL.ORG
We believe we can change the world and End Group B Strep with one book at a time! God Willing!

The Beginning of Heaven is an inspirational Christian ebook!
Music by Nashville Recording Artist Chris Keith.
Music produced by Pat McGrath-Nashville.
Vocals produced by Michele Rodgers McGrath TN.
Mastered by Bryan Butler-Southern California.
1st edit by Patricia Alexander-Central Coast, California.

*We are not on board or do not get paid by them in any way! 50% of the proceeds go directly to them at the end of each month. Chris and Shelene' son Jesse had 4 needless brain surgeries due to GBS.
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