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Chris Keith - Daddy Dance With Me (Duet) Single. Best Daddy Daughter Wedding Song Ever!

Chris Keith - Daddy Dance With Me (Duet) Single. Best Daddy Daughter Wedding Song Ever!

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Nashville Coast Presents:

Daddy Dance With Me duet by Chris Keith - The Best Daddy Daughter Wedding Song ever!

Over half a million views on YouTube and one of the most popular Daddy daughter songs in the United States and around the world!

Artist Chris Keith is an inspirational singer-songwriter that will touch your heart and lift your spirit. He has 4 Nashville produced CDs. His music sounds like Casting Crowns and Steven Curtis Chapman. You will LOVE it! His long-awaited 5th CD will be released mid-2018.

"Daddy Dance with Me" A popular Daddy-Daughter wedding dance song played at wedding's across the country, fans are saying: "It is the new "Butterfly Kisses". Written for his daughter Tayler when she was 3 years old, she pulled on his shirt saying "Daddy dance with me" A song was born. Also available in a duet. "Daddy Dance With Me Duet"

Chris Keith other CD's are:

To the Cross

Walkin' in Heaven



He also wrote the music for his wife Shelene Keith' Audio Book "The Beginning of Heaven."

Saving the Babies, One Song and Book at a Time!

Founder Marti Perhach lost her baby Rose stillborn to GBS.



David D. Florida.
The New Churchman CD is Fantastic! You will love it! All of Chris Keith's Cd's are timeless, you can play them over and over and then over again!

Christine M. Florida.
Chris Keith's music is absolutely amazing, I play his Cd's over and over. They are so inspirational and fill my heart! You will LOVE them!

Ann M. WI.
I Love this song "Daddy Dance With Me duet" by Chris Keith and his daughter Tayler. We played it at my daughters wedding. It was amazing, as my husband was dancing with his little girl on her special day the song was singing about his little girl growing up and then the daughter starts singing "Daddy Dance With Me everyones waiting to see you woman your little girl grew up to be" that is when everyone at the wedding started to cry. What an perfect song for everyone at the wedding...especially daddy and daughter!

John, AZ.
I love Chris Keith' "To the cross" Cd it is my favorite! I play it over and over in my car. Lifts my spirits every time!

Chris Keith
was selected on Music XRay for Hottest New Artist Finalist for 2013!

Indie Nashville Songwriter / Singer Recording Artist and Morro Bay California Worship Leader released his 4th CD "Churchman" in the fall of 2015. 

Hits songs off his 1st. Cd "He Took My Name To The Cross" are "Daddy Dance with Me" A popular Daddy Daughter wedding dance song played at wedding's across the country, the new "Butterfly Kisses" or "Cinderella". Written for his daughter Tayler when she was 3 years old, she pulled on his shirt saying "Daddy dance with me" A song was born. Also title song "He Took My Name To the Cross" The most inspired Easter song in this decade!

The 2nd Cd "Walkin'" has hit songs "I'm Afraid" written after Chris' son Jesse had 4 needless brain surgeries, because his wife Shelene was not given a simple $25 GBS test at 35 weeks of pregnancy. Chris and his family changed the law nationally. Now, every pregnant woman in the US is tested for GBS. Also on the "Walkin' Cd is the "Sexy God song "Song of Songs" Chris wrote for Shelene on Valentine's Day.

The 3rd Cd "Knockin'" has hit songs "Mary's Baby" Played at churches and homes across America, it is the new "Mary did you know". And the touching 9/11 song "In America" shows that God still lives, and our flag still flies "In America". Like many fans across America; you will love and play Chris' Cd's over and over. Up lifting and Inspirational!


Selected on Music XRay for Hottest
New Artist Finalist for 2013.
Daddy Dance With Me has 300,000 views on you tube!

Nashville Studio Team:
Pat McGrath our producer
"Dr. of all things music". Sarah Emily Parish our amazing Engineer. Beautiful Vocal producer Michele Rodgers McGrath, Jeff "Roach" on Keys, John Gardner drums, Matt McKenzie Bass, and Pat McGrath on electric guitar, mandolin, John Mock percussion, Jesse Keith Percussion, Pat Flynn acoustic guitar, Chris Keith guitar, and back up vocals: Michelle McGrath, Tim Buppert, Dave Francis.
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Daddy Dance With Me

My little girl she sits on my knee.
Singing a nursery rhyme.
Out in the kitchen the radio plays.
And old fashion tune in 3/4 time.

Daddy, dance with me.
There’s nobody here to see.
Just hold my hands go 1, 2, 3.
Daddy, dance with me.

Doll clothes to High school, its prom night already.
Her young man waits at the door.
Rushing’ down stairs is my beautiful girl.
She tells him to wait just one minute more (And she says)

Daddy, dance with me, Quick now before he can see.
Show me again what that step should be, Daddy, dance with me.

Where does the time go? Tonight she’s a bride.
The band plays a waltz and tears fill my eyes (And she says)

Daddy, dance with me, Everyone’s waiting to see.
The woman your little girl grew up to be - Daddy, dance with me.

Tag: Your little girl I will always be. Daddy dance with me.

The Beginning of Heaven Book

Sylvie, California: OH MY GOSH!!!! That was AMAZING!!!!! I Loved It!! 
I laughed, I cried, I am INSPIRED and ENCOURAGED! I am buying this book for 10 of my friends...Only $4.99 and we each get to touch Heaven!!! So for $49.99 I change lives with you!! This is BIG and will spread to the ends of the earth! Thank you!

Susie, Tennessee: WOW Lady!!! U did a Great Job! The way U explained touching Heaven...was Beautiful! I was belly crying...I can and my hubby at that moment! The peace U experienced...I want that!! Thank you for sharing your courageous story!!! P.S. The Music was Spot On!

Lisa, New York: THANK YOU so much for sharing your book with me!!!! I would of paid so much more than $4.99!! I am buying 5 for all my friends so they can hear about Heaven too!!! Thank you for the beautiful pictures I was able to see through Heaven through you! You are an inspiration!!! I can't wait for the whole world to hear your amazing experience of Heaven! Peace and No More Tears!!

Chris, Oklahoma: Great Job! I LOVED It! I felt a little less pain for a spell after I listened! This is a true miracle! Thank you for this amazing story of Heaven!

Chris and Shelene Keith believe "life is really short, if we are able to do what we love together as a family and help each other along the way...what a great life!
We are very grateful and honored for everyone's kind words and loving our story!

They are on a crusade to eradicate GBS-by placing One Song and Book at a Time!

Shelene was not tested for GBS at 35 weeks of pregnancy, and their son Jesse almost died at birth, and spent 2 months in the hospital. Jesse had 4 needless brain surgeries.

Chris’ CD’s funded the National Cause, his fans became their grass root armies. Distributing hundreds of thousands of Jesse cause pamphlets in their own cities to doctors and hospitals across the nation.  

Thank you so much for buying The Beginning of Heaven, Chris wrote the music the book. We are so humbly honored for the amazing response around the world!

Help us to spread The Beginning of Heaven to the ends of the earth!!! We believe in the power of grass roots, and have seen the grass roots sprout across the nation and world to allow Miracles to happen!"
One Family Can Make a Difference!


Produced by Pat McGrath - Nashville TN.

Digital download Only.