Recording artist Chris Keith and Jesse Keith
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Chris and Shelene Keith


Photograph by Tayler Enerle Photography

Chris and Shelene Keith live on the Beautiful Central Coast of California!

Their mission is Saving the Babies, One Song and One Book at a Time!

Founder Marti Perhach lost her baby Rose stillborn to GBS.



From Mia S., Iowa: was ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING! SO INSPIRATIONAL! People want to hear anyones experience of crossing over and what it was like, and you described it! The "Heaven Feeling" compared to the "Hell Feeling"...the visual was so GOOD!!!! I really Liked it! I feel others are going to LOVE it too!! The way you painted the visual on audio was Brilliant!! The way you mixed your visual words with your husbands amazing music was so perfect!

Lisa O., New York: THANK YOU so much for sharing your book with me!!!!
I am buying 5 for all my friends so they can hear about Heaven too!!! Thank you for the beautiful pictures I was able to see through Heaven, through you! You are an inspiration!!! I can't wait for the whole world to hear your amazing experience of Heaven! Peace and No More Tears!!

From Susie M., Tennessee: Lady!!! U did a Great Job! The way U explained touching Heaven...was Beautiful! I was belly crying...I can and my hubby at that moment! The peace U experienced...I want that!! NO MORE TEARS...I want that too! Thank you for sharing your courageous story!!! P.S. The Music was Spot On!

From Chris T., Oklahoma: Job! I LOVED It! I felt a little less pain for a spell after I listened! This is a true miracle! Thank you for this amazing picture of Heaven!

From Sylvie W., California: MY GOSH!!!! That was AMAZING!!!!! I Loved It!! I laughed, I cried, I am INSPIRED and ENCOURAGED! I am buying this book for 10 of my friends so they can touch Heaven too!!! (only $4.99, thank you for making it so affordable for all of us!) This is BIG! I know your wish will come true that it will spread to the ends of the earth, and help so many people touch the Beginning of Heaven! Thank you!


Chris and Shelene Keith believe "life is really short, if we are able to do what we love together as a family and help each other along the way...what a great life! 

Thank you so much for buying The Beginning of Heaven! We are humbly honored for this loving response around the world!
Help us to spread The Beginning of Heaven to the ends of the earth!!! 
We believe we can change the world and

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